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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Standard jigsaw puzzles have the traditional style puzzle pieces, the Bible verse or inspirational word is written on the picture.
Letter jigsaw puzzles have letters as the pieces. Unlike traditional jigsaw puzzles, the pieces of each puzzle are the shape of the letters of the words in the bible verse. An innovative way to learn the Bible!

Download these free jigsaw puzzles to your computer and play! These puzzles may be redistributed to family, co-workers, and friends but may NOT BE RESOLD.

Where do the images come from?
In order to provide a diverse puzzle collection, the images are obtained from a number of sources, always ensuring they are legally usable. Many are from old publications, books, postcards, etc with expired copyrights. As a graphic artist, I will often edit these to improve color, remove blemishes, etc. Others are my own digital art and photography. Some clipart is from, usually modified from the original.

What version of the Bible do you use?
Due to copyright issues, all verses are from public domain versions of the Bible, most often the King James Version. Other Bibles used include the American Standard Version, Basic English Bible, Douay-Rheims Bible, Darby's Bible, Webster's Bible, and World English Bible. The Bible software used to search and copy verses includes the freeware programs e-Sword and The Unbound Bible Tools.

What program is used to create the puzzles? jigsaws are created using Tibo Software's Jigs@w Puzzle (Version 1 and 2) and Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator Pro.

May I redistribute these puzzles?
Yes, AT NO CHARGE. In the near future plans to sell collections of standard puzzles (Jigs@w Puzzle Version 1 Pro) to provide for the cost of maintaining this site, the redistribution policy for those puzzles will be defined at that time. Letter puzzles (Jigs@w Puzzle Version 2) can only be redistributed for free, does not have a resale permit for puzzles created with Version 2.

Puzzle instructions and playing tips

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